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Our Experience


Saudi Aramco RSCM Project BI 00235

  • Shedgum and Uthmanyah Gas Plants Replacement of Sales Compressor Motors
  • The objective is to replace the existing 24000 Hp Sales Gas Compressor motor KM-002 A/B/C with motors with 27000 Hp. The project will replace three motors in UGP and three motors in ShGP.
  • We work to support Bonatti with engineering Start Up and Commissioning in Instrument, ESD, DCS and Electrical

Other Projects

  • Upgrade Acid Gas Piping at Shedgum Gas Plant
  • Upgrade Control Systems at SSSP
  • Install Riyadh Refinery Crude Pipeline
  • Upgrade Onshore Flare Systems at Safaniah
  • Thuwal Town Development, (KAUST)
  • Emission Control at BGP Sulfur Handling
  • WaseaBulk Plant at Riyadh
  • Saudi Aramco Custody Metering Standards
  • Shaybah RIC Expansion
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